Who are we?

We are mothers, fathers, daughters, sisters, brothers, millennials, students, gen-xers, baby boomers, athletes, VISIONARIES, doctors, lawyers, teachers, farmers, firefighters, aunts, DREAMERS, world-changers, survivors, fighters, scholars, artist, givers, blue collar workers, neighbors, BELIEVERS, husbands, nurses, grandmothers, wives, ENTREPRENEURS, uncles, romantics, optimists, nephews, creative thinkers, idealist, wanderers, stay at home moms, working parents, LEADERS, trailblazers, white collar workers, nieces, winners, brothers, and more... AND YOU CAN BE PART OF IT!


Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a co-working/event space to enhance productivity in a friendly, professional environment. This work space was developed for members to work collaboratively to help all members achieve their goals, along with having an event space to call home.

Our Story:

On September 2013, our story began with a vision developed at an International Training Event in Charlotte, NC. As a friendship developed and a family formed, a desire to transform St. Louis into the top training center in the world transpired. Our story will never end as we continue to help thousands of people find a better way and create financial freedom starting with the St. Louis market and expanding around the globe.


(This is for Everyone, & So Simple)

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We operate on some of the Nations Largest Networks, Register for free and plan on attending our next local event to find out how...It will be worth your time! 


(Multiple Streams of Income)

Watch a few more short videos on our Videos Page... This is the chance to create "Residual Income".  Want more? Come see us at a local event!



Join our community and expand your network at our next event. Meet small business owners, executives and professionals for new opportunities. You'll make great connections in a relaxed and upbeat atmosphere while expanding your network of contacts to fuel your career or business goals.